Top 10 Dj Abba Songs Ever


Top 10 Dj Abba Songs Ever


The popular YNS rap act Dj Abba have been on hot wheels for so long and he never seems ready to slack in the game for a minute. Dj Ab keeps blending his tune with the society as he laps new school rap day by day with no ease.

His versatility plots so much to the northern music industry since 2013 and Ab keeps making us proud with his fertile music.

We set to go through all his songs and bring out the very best songs he nailed to the surface.

Tracklist/Download Top 10 Dj Abba Songs Ever

1. Anzo Wajen | DOWNLOAD MP3

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2. Bomba Man | DOWNLOAD MP3

3. Daban Ne | DOWNLOAD MP3

4. Babban Yaya | DOWNLOAD MP3

5. Soyayya | DOWNLOAD MP3

6. Totally | DOWNLOAD MP3

7. Su Baba Ne | DOWNLOAD MP3

8. Haka | DOWNLOAD MP3

9. Babarsa | DOWNLOAD MP3

10. Yar Boko | DOWNLOAD MP3


Tells Us How You Enjoyed Dj Abba Songs Or Mention The Song Missing In Our List.



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