Queens Of Nollywood Ravishing At The Nelas Reports 2019


Queens Of Nollywood Ravishing At The Nelas Reports Magazine And Award Presentations.

The Year 2018 was a flourish moments to the award winning Queens of Nollywood as Queen Victoria, Queen Gloria, Queen Omolara touches peak of excitement making the whole Country excessively proud. They got featured on 15/12/18 in the Bouquet Hall at Zaranda Hotel Bauchi to unveil their pet projects, The Nelas Magazine Launch and Award Presentations.

It was never of it kind having such amiable souls emerging their huge talent to the Nollywood Academy as stated by the Lead Hunchos. The energy they applied skips every imagination as they about milking the Nigerian Entertainment Industry with some succulent unique taste.

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The 13th Nollywood Excellence and Leadership Awards (The Nelas 2018) presented its trophies to encourage and celebrate activities that expands and enhances the portrayals of the African cultural heritage in all forms of global media advocacy and legacy projects. The award itself is a lifetime testimony of momentous contributions in the human capacity developments, entertainment, skill acquisitions, entrepreneurships and economic empowerments.

These Mysterious Magazine Launch & Award Presentation Was Organized By The NELAS President Frank Ikwegwuno Of Queen Of Nollywood Academy.

Awards were presented smoothly alongside launch of the Nelas reports magazine Jan-March 2019 Edition.

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