Morell Replied Classiq Open Letter About Bawani Bugatti Remix Release



Read what morell said after getting the open letter from Classiq


In the late hours of today, a member of my team got an email of an open letter from @classiq  I followed the story to Classiq’s page & I’ve seen all that’s been said so far.

I want to openly say that I have no motive & I didn’t approve the release of the song at first. It was leaked by my producer & friend @braceofspades who  reworked on the remix  and tweaked the instrumental. He had the data of the song & was enthusiastic about dropping it because of the magnitude of the project.

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I wasn’t planning on releasing the song in the first place cos somehow i felt its kinda too late to drop a remix of Bawani Bugatti that was originally released in 2015 in 2018. All the same I take the blame & I want to say to my brother barnabas Buba (classiq) & his team that I am deeply sorry. I respect your craft & I would never do a thing to damage what uve built from hard work.

Arewa rap is on the rise & The Almighty knows I wouldn’t do anything to spoil the culture. For the fans please it’s a #NordanOrtty x #ArewaMafia collabo so no need to argue or take sides just enjoy the music and spread love only❤. #Nagode!!! Ps : I actually think we did well bro!! The fans love it.

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I think morell have solved it all.


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