Exclusive Interview With BlaQ Dee By Jazzkido Of Naijasole


Exclusive Interview With BlaQ Dee By Jazzkido Of Naijasole


Its Went Through Official As Naijasole Hook Up The Next Big Thing From North Known As BlaQ Dee. The Gombe Hip Hop Lyrical Beast Calm Down With Us For An Amazing Interview.

Read Exclusive Online Interview With BlaQ Dee Below

Jazzkido: Hello Sire This Is Naijasole Official Please Can We Get You?

BlaQ Dee: Ladies And Gentlemen I Go By The Name BlaQ Dee, Waton Gaye Na Gaba Gaban Nan Ba, Repping StreetFame Muzik From Tha City Of The Jewel (Gombe State)

Jazzkido: Woow Thats Amazing Mr BlaQ Dee!!
For How Long Have You Been In Doing Music?

BlaQ Dee: Eleven (11) Years Now! But Professionally I Will Say It’s Seven (7) Years Sir

Jazzkido: Thats Superb!!
So BlaQ Dee Were You Using TheSame Stage Name As “BlaQ Dee”” Right From Start Of Your Music Career Or?

BlaQ Dee: Lol Nah! Fam A Had Alot Of Nickname Before I Finally Settled With The Name BlaQ Dee…Back Then Will I Was Still In Highschool Was Known As Da Prodigy Doka

Jazzkido: Haha.. So How Many Songs Have You Recorded So Far And Are They All On The Internet So As Your Fans Can Have Them To Listen To??

BlaQ Dee: Really I Can’t Say Sir! But If I Can Just Pick A Number I Would Say 35 Songs From The Time I Changed My Name To BlaQ Dee
But Hey! To My Fans Just Simply Go To Your Google And Search BlaQ Dee’s Songs

Jazzkido: What A True Legend!!
I Know You’ve Connected/Worked With Some Of The Northern Stars, Please Sir Can You Relate Them And Tell Us How It Went Through??

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BlaQ Dee: Yeaaa I Worked With Alot Of Vocalists And Emcees From Within And Outside Of My City, The Likes Of B.O.C, Ay Fashion, Verse, Adams Mayy, Sarki Nadi, Razemulla, BI, Obizee And A Whole Alot Acts
But I Must Say Some The Sessions Were Really Tough Lol But The Good Part Of It Is That The Songs Always Come Out Lit!

Jazzkido: Thats So Cool Mr BlaQ Dee!!
Among All Your Songs Which One Tend To Be Your Favorite And Most Played By You??

BlaQ Dee: All My Songs Are Favorite Sir, But The Most Tending And Played Song Will Prolly Be Ni Da Gayu Na Produced By Eskay

Jazzkido: Wow That Song Is Surely A Blast!!
We Have Listened To Most Of Your Songs And Surely You Sound Massive..
Who Mostly Produce Your Songs Or Do You Work With Random Producers??

BlaQ Dee: Appreciate The Support Fam
It’s Probably Gonna Be ShamBee Puzzle And CrushBeatz

Jazzkido: Thats Nice.. We Will Like To Know How You Normally Make Your Money So As To Pay For Your Production And Promotions?

BlaQ Dee: Well I Will Say It’s From Personal Recording Studio Plus The Money I Get From The Gigs I Attend.

Jazzkido: So Mr BlaQ Dee If Any Other External Artiste Want To Collaborate With You What Are The Procedures He/She Need To Abide?

BlaQ Dee: First Of All He/She Must Be Real..I Don’t Charge For Features…Ofcos Before We Work You Must Tell Me How You Plan To Promote The Work We Do…And I Most Importantly You Should Not Mess Up With My Verse Once I Sent You My Vocals

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Jazzkido: This Is So Soft And Real Mr BlaQ Dee..
Are You Planning To Drop New Songs Before The Year Ends Or??

BlaQ Dee: Yeaa Fam I Will Be Dropping My Album And It’s Titled BaTime It’s Gonna Be Dropping Sometime This Year Plus Hopefully Some Couple Of Tracks Before The Year Runs Out By God’s Grace

Jazzkido: Shot!! This Is So Much Huge!! Am Sure Your Fans Will Be So Much Amazed
What Of Video Mr BlaQ Dee Are You Willing To Shoot A Video To Any Of Your Pass Tracks Or Yet To Be Released Songs?

BlaQ Dee: For Sure Fam!! We Are Working Had Towards Shooting Some Couple Of Videos Too Before The Year Runs Out..


Jazzkido: Woow Fabulous!!
What Can You Say About The Circulation Of Music In The Northern Regions?

BlaQ Dee: I Must Comfess It’s Really Amazing Fam, But We Need To Put In More Work And The Djs, O.A.Ps And Radio Houses Need To Support Us Too Cos We Can’t Do It Alone..

Jazzkido: Okay!!
But Do You Think Our Songs Got The Standard Taste To Rep Our Regions Out There??

BlaQ Dee: Worldwide Fam, Worldwide And That’s The Idea Behind Every Joint I Drop To Connect With The Whole World..

Jazzkido: Damnn Nice Prodigy!!
If I May Take Us Way Back Little About Your Upcoming Album BA TIME, Are you Featuring Other Artiste Or Its Just You Alone??

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BlaQ Dee: For Sure Fam! A Worked With All Of Acts Within And Outside My City.. Matter Of Fact Am Right Now In The City Of Jos Still Working On The Album But That Been Said, The Album BaTime Is Basically About Me BlaQ Dee And My Hustle

Jazzkido: Wow This Is Great Mr BlaQ Dee!!
We Look Forward Waiting For This Greatness..
So Lastly Sir What Can You Say To Your Fans Out There?

BlaQ Dee: Thanks Fam..
Y’all Should Anticipate Greatness And Am Very Grateful Y’all Out There Are Part Of Life, God Bless Each And Everyone Of You For The Love And Support Nagode! A Big Shout Out To My Homie Jazzkido For Hooking Me Up Appreciate Everything Fam..


Jazzkido: Thanks Big Gee!!
Can You Drop Your Social Media Handles So As Audience Can Check You Out??

BlaQ Dee: Yeaa Sure
It’s blaq_deej on IG, Tweeter And Facebook Is BlaQ Dee Justin

Jazzkido: Thank You Legeng BlaQ Dee For Having Us On Our Exclusive Interview..And Its So Much Amazing Interacting With You Sire..
We Wish You The Very Best In Your Music Career And As You Put Your Head Up Taking North To The Next Level We Wish To See You Grow Bigger..

BlaQ Dee: Amen Fam Appreciate!!

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Instagram: Blaq_deej

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Facebook: BlaQ Dee Justin

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