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KAYA A KASA from the forth-coming album HIGH NOON by the multi-lingual arewa rapper B.O.C is ready! Rough pidgin translation? ‘Things Dey Ground’. With the hype surrounding B.O.C you would expect such a strategic song at this point. KAYA A KASA is a tight-rope performance that attempts to balance the boom bap roots he may have and the commercial status he strives to attain.

All in an attempt to grow his fan base and still please his ‘day ones’, B.O.C displays an obvious improvement in his command and delivery of the Hausa rap style he has continued to develop over the years. However, I think BOC’s style could use a rebirth. If you know anything about Hip-Hop, you know it’s about more than just the ‘bars’ and metaphors.

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Don’t get me twisted. I’ve been listening to BOC way back when he was still an obscure rapper who had the ‘meek mill’ low cut and rapped predominantly and if not only in English. I’m not a stranger to his style. His rap pattern verges on predictable at points and really needs to be shaken up in my opinion. As a rapper, B.O.C has the potential, talent and constant duty to switch up his ‘flow’ if he intends to remain ahead of the game.

It’s 2018! Nevertheless, his fans seem to passionately love the artist that is B.O.C. The song KAYA A KASA is performed as expected in the chosen language of Hausa which has since become B.O.C’s go to persona with little glimpses of the English version of B.O.C in the second and third verses littered with witty lines and play on words guaranteed to keep the listener captivated and ‘turnt up’. With the minimal use of well-placed ad-libs, the song makes for an easy listen and allows for more attention to be focused on the effortless cohesion of the beat with B.O.C’s voice.

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The producer, ‘Shambee Puzzle’ immaculately created a beat – worthy of any ruff ryder rapper – that sets the ambience which compliments B.O.C’s arewa style.

The chorus is simple and easy to repeat making it reminiscent of 90’s era rap songs like Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty By Nature and Fight The Power by Public Enemy.

To top it all off the the mix and master done by C MAN makes you feel like B.O.C is in your head as your conscience spitting that knowledge to you! At the end of the day, KAYA A KASA is a well put together song that makes for an enjoyable listen to be put on replay.

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